#053: Customer Data Platforms with Todd Belcher

January 3, 2017

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5 comments on “#053: Customer Data Platforms with Todd Belcher

  1. Since I can… thought I would copy in some of my comments taken from a post I just put up on LinkedIn thanking Michael and Tim for the opportunity to be on the podcast, and for running the podcast in the first place… the whole piece is here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/2017-year-customer-data-platform-todd-belcher but the relevant stuff is here:

    Regarding collecting data for a CDP, around 31:45 I neglected to say, of course, that you implement in mobile apps with an SDK. This is not something you do with JavaScript. I know that. If you know that, I’m sorry.

    Regarding digital analytics being for reporting and presentations, around 40:00 I mentioned that CDP gives data another avenue inside your organization aside from presentations and reporting. I did not mean to oversimplify the great work that analysts do every day!! This perspective is from the digital marketers, who have reports and presentations, understand that there are things they could do to improve… but simply do not have the tools or ability.

    On data visualization, around 44:35 I missed a great opportunity to talk up our venn diagrams 😉 but really, talking up visualizations in a CDP is a great example of why getting into specifics about a CDP is tough. It is easy for the mind to get carried away and pigeonhole the entire platform into that one solution your mind is settling on. There’s always more.

  2. Love the mix of product specific AND theory for this episode – too many digital analytics resources are too much product or too much theory – this was a great utilization of both! For me it becomes part of an actionable resource in my role. My only feedback – I’m in the industry and the acronyms were coming fast and furious in this episode – I had to go back and listen to it twice. The transcript was a great resource. Thank you for the great show – my dog Ferb has mailed his comments to the Carson City address – he’ll be excited to see it posted. Two paws up!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment! We do try to catch the acronyms and other buzzwords that get tossed out during the show when we’re editing and then provide links at the top of the show notes. But, point taken — that’s fine after the fact, but I can see how that might be a bit confusing in the moment. We’ll try to keep a more real-time ear out for that in the future and pause for a definition in the moment. Thanks for listening!

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