#039: In Defense of Excel

June 21, 2016

As Dr. Phil says, “Never put more into a relationship than you can afford to lose.” Not sure what that has to do with Excel but it sounds vaguely wise, which is the whole point. Tim and Michael try to be your relationship coach for Microsoft Excel. Despised by data scientists, but used by everyone else, where are the boundaries and who has what it takes to enforce them. Join us in an exploration of our digital analytics love/hate affair with that most ubiquitous of analytics tools.

(Cell) references made in this episode include:

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2 comments on “#039: In Defense of Excel

  1. Well, I’m a wannabe data scientist, if not an actual one, and I kinda like Excel….

    • How the heck did you find this site, Jon?! It was a total mess when you posted, and it’s just now getting close to being announced!

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