(Bonus) 1:1 with Michele Kiss: Finding Time to Learn Stuff (like BigQuery)

June 12, 2018

Under the ‘guise of a discussion about making the leap into a new technology, this bonus mini-episode (hopefully) clears up the on-going confusion about the Kiss Sisters. Moe sat down with her big sister, Michele, to chat about jumping into learning an entirely new skill when time is short, expectations are high, and the learning curve is steep. The specific example they chat about is Michele’s dive into Google Analytics data in BigQuery using SQL, but the tips and thoughts are applicable to any new and intimidating platform!

And they don’t sound¬†anything alike (unless you’re not one of them, in which case you will be forgiven if you think they sound similar).

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2 comments on “(Bonus) 1:1 with Michele Kiss: Finding Time to Learn Stuff (like BigQuery)

  1. This is basically how I learned SQL as well! Using ‘real’ data and learning by looking at existing queries and trying to alter them, then verifying the result of my query with a different source.

    I’m applying the same principle in order to learn Qlikview at the moment.

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