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#066: The Democratization of the Data

It’s another one of those on-going lobby bar topics: how much of the data should be made available to whom and in what form? Should all of an organization’s data be completely and freely available to... Read More
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#064: Analog (In-Store) Analytics with Gary Angel

Back in the day, we explained the difference between a visitor, a visit, and a pageview to stakeholders using an analogy of a person walking into a physical store. Now, digital channels are dominating, and... Read More
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#061: Selling the Value of Analytics with Sayf Sharif

“Psssst! Hey! Buddy! Want some analytics? Whatcha’ lookin’ for? Insights? Recommendations? Maybe some implementation? I got anything you want, and I got it at a great price!…” Sound familiar? No? Well, then you’re just not... Read More
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