#001: Becoming a Better Digital Analyst

January 3, 2015

In this inaugural episode of the Digital Analytics Power Hour, Michael, Jim, and Tim discuss how a digital analyst working today can become better at what he or she does. Tending bar? Cold calling the CFO? The guys share their own origin stories — what drew them to web analytics, as well as what made them stay — and tell a few tales of what worked for them as they evolved their own careers.

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3 comments on “#001: Becoming a Better Digital Analyst

  1. Paul Mouawad Jul 26, 2017

    Hello! My name is Paul and after a friend suggested i hear your podcasts i’m stuck now!

    The reason i’m writing is because i have literally 0 knowledge in the analytics part but i know it’s my passion (i work in a media agency handling all Search accounts for P&G, the thing is my main focus is pre click metrics).

    What i would love to have is a bit of guidance and orientation in the subject – since i’m ready to take the jump, i wouldn’t want to be wasting time on something that might not benefit me long term…

    Any recommendation would be amazing (classes to start with like Java or C or python) and if you have any tips as to where to focus or where you see the industry going then i would be very thankful.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Paul! Welcome to the world of digital analytics! It’s a broad and deep area! One way to think about your development is along different aspects of the work:

      Data collection — it’s not sexy, but whole careers are built on it, and, in my experience, too many analysts don’t fully understand how it works; since you’re on the media side, getting really comfortable with how the various platforms actually record impressions and clicks and conversions will serve you well. Unfortunately, I don’t really know of good classes for that. But, it’s JavaScript and cookies, so some Googling will almost certainly turn up good content.

      Analysis — if you’re ready to go beyond the native interfaces provided by Google Adwords or your in-house platforms, then getting into programming with data makes sense; the hosts of this podcast have a bias towards R over Python, but that’s just because there seems to be more energy there on the digital analytics side of things currently. I would say Python or R — both of which have plenty of open courseware options (R also has dartistics.com, which is specifically geared towards digital analysts).

      Presentation/Communication — there are lots of resources for this, too. Lea Pica is something of a star in the space and she has a Resources page on her site that has lots of suggestions (as an interactive tool!): http://www.leapica.com/resources/

      And, of course, we like to think this podcast is a useful resource. Episode #059 was a media-focused one: http://www.analyticshour.io/2017/03/28/059-display-ads-ad-fraud-john-nardone/.

      Best of luck!

  2. Hi,

    Saw Tim speak at Seer’s event last week and heard about this podcast. Love this podcast; super helpful for a new analyst who just graduated from school.

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