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#075: Corralling the Cross-Device Consumer

It’s a challenge as old as the smartphone (or…technically… a little bit older): we want to track and know people, but, when they’re visiting us from their phone, their tablet, their work laptop, and their home... Read More
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#074: The Google Cloud Platform with Mark Edmondson

You’re listening to this podcast, so you’re, obviously, well-attuned to the cutting edge of all things digital. But, in this episode, we’re going to discuss a couple (or countless) products/platforms (PaaS — Platforms as a... Read More
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#071: Reinforcement Learning with Matt Gershoff

Let’s pretend your goal as an analyst is to eloquently and accurately explain reinforcement learning. Now, let’s pretend that you get to try that explanation again and again, and we’ll give you an electric shock... Read More
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